Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Euro 2008 - The countdown to the kickoff is started.


When in 2006 geobra included the Austrian football player in the catalogue, a lot of collectors was shocked. Being usual its presence in the final phase of FIFA tournaments in the 70s and the 80s, the Austrian National Team starts a decline in the 90s and nowadays its FIFA scoring is quite low. It’s one of the Euro 2008 organizers and playing at home is the only reason for hoping that they will pass the initial league.

Players to follow: Andreas Ivanschitz


The other Euro 2008 organizer, probably the reason for its inclusion in the 2006 catalogue because Switzerland has not been classified for Germany 2008’s Worldcup. The trajectory of the Switzerland National Team in the last years was very irregular, some good actuations in tournaments and some deceptions. Their actuation is a great enigma, increased by the fact of playing at home.

Player to follow: Alexander Frei

Check Republic

One of the strongest National Teams in the last years. Hard to beat and with very noticeable actuations in the lasts years. A very organized team with a strong mental force. Not being as favourite as other National Team will let them be the tournament surprise. Included in the 2008 catalogue but not very realistic reproduced by PM.

Player to follow: Peter Cech


A National Team to be seriously considered. Some analysts argue against the older age of their principal players but they showed an excellent play level in the classification phase. The exodus of the best Portuguese players to the major European leagues have become them in key players for most of their Club Teams. Included in the 2008 catalogue with an acceptable reproduction.

Player to follow: Cristiano Ronaldo


Without noticeable players, the majority playing in medium club teams of Germany and other east European or Balkanise leagues and with a leverage national league, nobody would bet for Turkey in the final phases, but they become usual participants with noticeable actuations in the last tournaments. It’s a rude team with destruction based play. Included in the 2008 catalogue. Shocks that the most Mediterranean country of the Euro 2008 counts with a Caucasian characterization.

Player to follow: Kahveci Nihat


The eternal aspirant. More name that results, makes Spain the usual deception of every tournament. Good players, one of the best leagues of Europe, and usually good classification phases, but they crash again and again in decisive matches. The bored and based on results play showed in last matches doesn’t make for Spanish players profile. Included in the 2008 catalogue with a excessive Mediterranean characterization.

Player to follow: David Villa


Since the Old Yugoslavian Republic defragmentation it’s hard not count with a Balkanise National Team in the final phase of a tournament. With a long football tradition, Croatian players are usual in top level European football clubs. Their play is based on organization and physic force. Included in the 2008 catalogue with a good reproduction.

Player to follow: Luka Modric


It’s like chess, they have strategy, mental thinking and special vision. And like chess figures each player knows their role. There are peons working and sacrificing themselves for the team, players agile like horses, with the ability of finding a hole for passing like a bishop, hard as a rock, players that come across the field for reinforcing any position like the chess queen, and some kings that although their movement limitation are fundamental for the team. Included en in the 2006 catalogue, it’s probably the most beautiful reproduced of the old ones.

Player to follow: Tim Borowski


If all the Hollander football stars will born in the same time they would form an invincible team. It’s hard to remember a great tournament without a extraordinary Hollander player, but it’s a pity that these players would have to play with mediocre ones. Nothing to do in the group of death. Included en in the 2006 catalogue, and it’s one of the less sold. Maybe a Antillean Hollander player could broke this tendency.

Player to follow: Ruud Van Nistelrooy


It’s the actual World champion. Hated by creative football admires, Loved by their effectiveness. Nobody gives a pound for them at the first match but they always arrive so long in tournaments. Like ants, they do their work match by match. Included en in the 2006 catalogue. The reproduction is good but too similar to France one.

Player to follow: Ivan Gennaro Gattuso


It’s an incognita. They come from a gold era, but the older age of their stars it’s making France enter in a descending trend. The French National Team is the reflect of the colonial past of the country. A rainbow of cultures and skin colours that PM has be able to represent, launching two versions of the French football player: the Caucasian version and the African one. Included en in the 2006 catalogue.

Player to follow: Frank Ribery


It’s the actual European champion. Their play based on time and result control, has not been as effective as before, but being placed in an affordable group increases Greek possibilities of repeating a good actuation. Included in the 2008 catalogue with probably the best reproduction of all.

Player to follow: Georgios Karagounis

Not reproduced: Poland, Romania, Sweden and Russia.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Indiana Jones - It’s your whip ready?

Nowadays we can enjoy of a new movie of this saga in theatres but some collectors enjoy of the adventures of this famous archaeologist everyday on their houses.

It’s a pity that Playmobil doesn’t follow the policy of reproducing licensed products like other toy companies, for example LEGO, do.

Playmobil have launched in it history some adventure related sets that will be valid for a child to recreate Indiana Jones stories, but for an adult collector these sets are so far to the reality.

Doe to it, the only way for having a realistic Indy experience with Playmobil items is customizing.

In Spain, a collector called IndianaClick has customized a motorbike with sidecar inspired in Indiana Jones and the…… It’s a really great customization very close to the original item from the movie.

But these two customs from the Klikywelt forum user bennain are unbelievable realistic. The Indy figure was impressive but the custom of his father, the Doctor Jones, played by Sean Connery, was full of admirable details.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello all

Welcome to our new blog experience. In this blog, you are going to find updated news and information about Playmobil products.

The main products of Playmobil are the seven and a half centimetres action figures with their buildings, vehicles and accessories called klickys.

The first Playmobil figure launched to market is dated of 1974. From then, the Playmobil products have suffered a great evolution and klickys have lived a lot incredible adventures in hardly all the sceneries you can imagine.

Playmobil is a registered trademark of Geobra Brandst├Ątter